National Public Radio — Popcorn Story

July 14, 2008 at 7:59 pm

National Public Radio aired the popcorn story today on All Things Considered. I had a vested interest in this story, since I worked with Andrea Hsu to arrange the interview with Charles and Dale Profit as well as giving her background information on popcorn and the contact for Weaver Popcorn. It was great to meet Ms. Hsu and Mr. Robert Siegel in person; they are both very nice people. I am amazed at how much work Ms. Hsu and Mr. Siegel put into the story for a 10-minute on-air piece. They spent nearly two hours interviewing the Profits, not to mention the time they spent interviewing the movie theater owner, Will Weaver, and Chris Hurt.

You can hear NPR’s popcorn story here:

My original post on the interview:

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