No Wind Turbine Controversy Here . . . Yet

August 18, 2008 at 7:00 am

The recent CNN article Wind power brings prosperity, anger discusses the controversy surrounding wind turbines and a Horizon Wind Energy project in New York. Horizon Wind Energy is one of several wind energy companies shopping for land contracts in Van Wert and our neighbor to the north Paulding County, Ohio.

If a wind controversy surfaces in Van Wert County, it would certainly not be new to Ohio. Residents of Logan County, Ohio have been fighting wind development for some time. Also, the influx of livestock operations in Van Wert County has brought about similar controversy. In fact, livestock and wind farm arguments appear to be nearly interchangeable. Property value decline, adverse health effects, and lower quality of life are arguments used by those who oppose wind farm and/or livestock farms.

Being faculty of Ohio State University, I walk a line that is straightforward. I use objective, research-based and credible information to reach conclusion and to assist my clientele in making decisions. I do not rely on anecdotal evidence or ‘results’ of non-juried research publications to guide my thoughts. But that doesn’t mean I will not take action where appropriate.

Case in point, recent livestock developments in Van Wert County pointed out some issues with livestock regulation that I feel should be addressed. As I have a great working relationship with Farm Bureau and the Van Wert County Health Department, I worked closely with those organizations to suggest policy that would change livestock regulation in Ohio. I’ll post details of those recommendations in a future post, since I want to keep this post focused on wind farms and not livestock farms. If you wish to discuss those livestock recommendations with me sooner please email me at

Thus far, I have not seen anything in wind lease contracts that raise concern. The concern from wind turbines would not come from those who sign the contracts, but from those who are neighbors of the wind turbines.


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