Does Climate Change Threaten Ohio?

December 23, 2008 at 7:00 am

Brent Sohngen, Professor Dept. AEDE Ohio State University, recently wrote an interesting article on the subject of climate change as it relates to Ohio. Specifically, he discusses the Ohio Timber industry and comes to an interesting conclusion:

The results of most studies examining climate change impacts on timber markets in the US suggest that timber industries in places like Ohio likely would benefit from climate change, not be harmed. In fact, nearly all economic studies conducted to date looking at potential climate impacts suggest that prices for timber products will fall over time as a result of increasing worldwide supply of timber resulting directly from climate change . . .

He further states the the real impact will be the cost Ohioans will pay for climate change policy. This self-evdient statement is fast becoming a universal truth whether you live in Van Wert, Ohio or Vladivostok, Russia. Taxes, emission payments, energy surcharges and other financial committments that arise with climate change policy will have a global impact.

Sohngen’s full article is available here:

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