Soybeans Still King in Ohio

December 31, 2008 at 7:00 am

The USDA Economic Research Service has released the state fact sheet for Ohio. It contains frequently requested data including: data on population, per-capita income, earnings per job, poverty rates, employment, unemployment, farm and farm-related jobs, farm characteristics, farm financial characteristics, top agricultural commodities, top export commodities, and the top counties in agricultural sales.

Obviously, I am particularly interested in the agricultural information. Let’s have a look at the data.

Table 1. Ohio Agricultural Commodities

Top 5 agriculture commodities, 2007
Value of receipts
thousand $
Percent of state total
farm receipts
Percent of US value
1. Soybeans 1,531,649 22.2 7.3
2. Corn 1,501,894 21.8 4.4
3. Dairy products 985,050 14.3 2.8
4. Greenhouse/nursery 647,426 9.4 3.8
5. Chicken eggs 483,441 7.0 7.2
All commodities 6,897,616 2.4

Soybeans are king in Ohio, and in Van Wert County soybean acres outnumber corn acres nearly two to one.  I was surprised to see corn so close to soybeans in terms of value of receipts; I would have expected soybeans to be significantly higher than corn.  We are not nearly as competitive in producing corn as our neighbors to the west (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, etc.) so we focus on our key strength: soybeans.

Table 2. Ohio Agricultural Exports

Top 5 agriculture exports, estimates, FY 2007
Rank among states Value
million $
1. Soybeans and products 5 828.0
2. Feed grains and products 9 453.6
3. Other 8 339.4
4. Wheat and products 11 269.8
5. Live animals and meat 20 59.1
Overall rank 11 2,174.8

Table 1 and Table 2 go hand-in-hand.  As you can see by the exports our soybeans and soybean products dwarf the other exports.  Thanks in part to support from the Ohio Soybean Association and the Ohio Soybean Council we’ll hopefully be able to continue with these very strong export numbers for soybeans.

The full data set is available here:

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