Tips for Obtaining County Cash Rent Data from NASS

May 4, 2009 at 11:58 am

Thanks to the folks at National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), we now have county-based cash rent information.  I’ll save you a few steps if you are interested in cash rent for Van Wert County. The cash rent for marketing year 2008 was $126/acre.

Here is the procedure I recommend you use to get the data for your area:

1. start at the NASS homepage

2. navigate to the left sidebar and click on ‘Economics’, which brings you to this page

3. select ‘cash rents’ then hit the search button

4. Select: County Cash Rents Data Query –

5.  Under “Select Location” – “Locale” select: COUNTY

6. Under “State” select: OHIO (or whatever state you have an interest)

7. You can select an individual county but I recommend you skip that and go to the bottom and select: Get Data

This will give you county by county cash rent averages from this Ag Stats survey for the entire state.  From what I can see based on Van Wert County, this data is fairly representative and is a good place to begin the cash rent negotiation process.

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