Tissue Testing for Phosphorus and Potassium in Corn, Soybeans

July 7, 2010 at 9:24 pm

The growing season in parts of NW Ohio has been a challenge to say the least. Growers are looking for any edge to give their crop (in some cases a struggling crop) any sort of advantage. A common question is "Will foliar applications of phosphorus and potassium help my corn/soybeans?".

Antonio P. Mallarino, Department of Agronomy ISU, wrote an excellent article on tissue testing usefulness in the recent Iowa State University Extension Integrated Crop Management newsletter (available at: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2010/0630mallarino.htm).

Mallarino writes:

"No simple and reliable tissue test exists to identify the conditions that increase the chance of corn or soybean response to P and K fertilization. In spite of many field trials in Iowa, we have not been able to identify a useful critical or optimal P or K concentration in plant tissue."

And he concludes:

"Use of soil testing and fertilization before planting is the most effective way of assuring adequate P and K supply for corn and soybean."

Please read the excellent article in its’ entirety http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2010/0630mallarino.htm

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