Dry Weather and Fall Herbicide Options

September 28, 2010 at 5:51 pm

OSU’s Dr. Mark Loux provided an overview of dealing with fall herbicide applications during dry conditions in the most recent CORN Newsletter. I have summarized a few basic points below:

  • don’t be in a rush to apply. There is really no risk of less effective control by delaying treatment, even through mid to late November
  • herbicides are more effective on dandelion after a frost in late October or November
  • waiting until early November could also allow for a more informed decision on whether fall treatment is actually necessary

This same thinking can be applied to winter weed management in no-till wheat:

  • postemergence herbicides applied in November,  such as dicamba plus Express (or the equivalent generic product), can be an effective option
  • cautionary note: labels for many wheat herbicides specify that they should not be applied in the fall until wheat has 2 to 3 leaves, which does allow substantial time for growth of weeds that have already emerged

Full podcast available here:

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