Blog Policies

Advertising – Advertising is not allowed on hosted blogs (policy here). Please do not email me and ask to advertise your product. Furthermore, this is an Ohio State University affiliated educational blog, not a platform for selling products.

Comment Moderation – As much as I do not like comment moderation, I must moderate comments on this blog. All comments are moderated by me and will not appear until approved.  This is an Ohio State University-affiliated blog and I must work to maintain the integrity and respect of the institution. Unfortunately, some individuals make inappropriate comments, personal attacks or off-topic comments. Obviously these comments cannot see the light of day on my blog. Also, some commenters have subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to a product they are selling without discussing the point at hand. If a product you are selling directly relates to a post, I’ll allow your comment; otherwise, please don’t bother posting a comment referencing your product. See the advertising policy above for clarification.

Having said all that, I really do encourage lively discussions and different opinions on my blog.  I simply ask that individuals keep comments within the bounds of respectful civil discourse.

Copyright – You are free to to copy, distribute, share and transmit my work. Please respect the copyright of authors whose material I excerpt for educational purposes. My copyright policy exists for my original work only, not excerpted work from other authors. I make every attempt to clearly identify excerpted works in my posts and podcasts, and if you are in doubt, ask me. I can always be reached at

Guest Posts – I welcome guest posts! If you wish to guest post drop me a note at I ask that guest posts are relevant to agriculture. Please keep the post credible, research-based and objective.

Official Communication – This blog does not represent official communications from The Ohio State University or Ohio State University Extension. The views expressed herein and of guest authors do not necessarily reflect the views of The Ohio State University, Ohio State University Extension or of any other individual university employee.

I reserve the right to amend, append or otherwise modify these policies.


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