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Agriculture is Environmental Protection T-Shirt Available! Great Farm Shirt!

The idea for this shirt came from Jim Chen, Dean and Professor of Law at the University of Louisville during a live agchat Twitter discussion.  Dean Chen’s (known as @chenx064 on Twitter) original quote was “I try to describe agriculture as applied environmental protection, just as agricultural economics is now applied economics.”  I’ve known that agricultural economics is described as applied economics and also applied agricultural economics, so that was not new to me. BUT I had never heard agriculture referred to as ‘applied environmental protection.’  Brilliant! I thought the saying should be made in to a shirt, and with Dean Chen’s blessing I made the shirt via Zazzle.  There are several websites that put Twitter tweets and slogans on to shirts, but only Zazzle offered maximum customization, so I chose Zazzle.  Here is the finished product:

New shirt in support of the agriculture industry.

New shirt in support of the agriculture industry.

This shirt is all-organic cotton. I spend 99% of my time working with conventional agriculture, so I specifically chose organic in an effort to support other choices in farming.  In my view all farming is good, just different approaches.  And, if you prefer not to order an organic shirt the shirt choices are unlocked in Zazzle allowing you to order a different style of shirt. This is a classic t-shirt design made with 100% organic jersey cotton. The shirt is made in the USA by American Apparel. I’ve also added ‘via @chenx064 on Twitter’ to give Dean Chen appropriate credit and for you to show how ‘hip’ you are knowing about Twitter. (Including a Twitter username on Twitter t-shirts appears to be a standard practice).  Disclosure: Zazzle has a minimum royalty of 10% paid to me for each shirt purchased (Zazzle would not allow me to set the royalty to 0%).  As such, any royalties (if there are any) will be donated to an appropriate not-for-profit recipient of Dean Chen’s and my choosing.  Enjoy!

To order, click on the following link-


July 28, 2009 update: Jim Chen and I have decided to split the royalties from this shirt 50/50 to Ohio 4-H and Kentucky 4-H.  Further, I will also match the total royalties dollar for dollar. This has been a neat project, and I am very glad to have participated.





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Ohio Ag Manager Newsletter for December, 2008 Published

The Ohio Ag Manager e-Farm Management newsletter is now available. Current topics include:

  1. Flexible Cash Lease Calculator
  2. Story Marketing for Your Farm
  3. MarketMaker Linking Agricultural Markets
  4. COOL Implementation: The First 45 Days
  5. Online Employment Forums for the Hog Industry
  6. 2008 Ohio Survey of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Issues
  7. ACRE Publications Available
  8. Income Tax Management
  9. Commodity Programs and Biofuels Focus of Latest Choices Magazine

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