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Ohio Farmland Cash Rent for 2009

Barry Ward, Ohio State University’s Leader in Production Business Management, has very recently released data for Ohio farmland cash rent.  Ward reports that Ohio cropland values are falling, with cash rents leveling off to slightly up.  Data is taken from the “Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents” survey, which is conducted annually. Surveyed groups include farm managers, rural appraisers, agricultural lenders, OSU Extension Educators, farmers, and Farm Service Agency personnel. Van Wert County is considered northwest Ohio, so preliminary results shown below are for Northwest Ohio (NW Results).

NW Ohio Cash Rent 2009

Table 1. NW Ohio Cash Rent predicted for 2009 (click image to enlarge table).

The table shows the simple average of the data  (Avg), as well as the standard deviation (Std) of the data for that measure. In addition, the table also shows the average plus one standard deviation (Avg+Std), and average minus one standard deviation (Avg-Std). These latter two numbers reported indicate a range within which about two-thirds of the responses in the data for that measure will fall.

The full report for Ohio is available in the February, 2009 Ohio Ag Manager Newsletter:

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