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Ohio Soybean Rust Update

In the April 7 issue of the Ohio State University Extension CORN Newsletter, Dr. Anne Dorrance discusses soybean rust in Ohio.  In the article, she points out that the critical time for Ohio soybeans is after July 4.  This is generally the time when soybeans begin flowering, and when (or if) soybean rust will be moving to Ohio from the south.  Weather patterns play a critical role during this time.  Dorrance writes:

Once our risk becomes moderate when a high level of rust inoculant is present in the southern US. We then will begin to monitor the storms, hurricanes and how many weeks it takes for rust to begin to be identified in Kentucky, Tennessee, Southern Illinois and Virginia. We have two major routes, the old blue mold pathway from Georgia and North Carolina as well as up the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys. If it is a hot dry year, it took 4 to 6 weeks for rust to move which is too slow to impact Ohio soybeans. If it is wet and cool and big storms move in; it may be 3 weeks or less to jump from state to state. We will have to monitor the weather and conditions that influence infection.

Locally, Van Wert will have one of the ten sentinel plots in Ohio.  We strongly recommend you visit the USDA soybean rust website at for the latest rust information.

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April 15, 2009 at 7:30 am


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